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Collaboration of Nanko-ume (Japanese plum) and charcoal ”Nakamichi Farm”

Collaboration of Nanko-ume (Japanese plum) and charcoal
”Nakamichi Farm”

Handmade salt plums

Within Kishu which is famous for plum production, Tanabe City, together with Minabe town, are large plum production areas. The area is described as ”seeming to have 100,000 plum trees which smell for 1000 miles.” During the blooming season, many people gather to enjoy gazing at the flowers.

”Nakamichi Farm” produces plums in Tanabe city, and not only cultivates plums but also manufactures salt pluThe plums used for salt plums are of course the highest quality Nanko-ume, produced at ”Nakamichi Farm”.

Nankou-ume has a great taste, and the texture is also very good, but there is a slight flaw. The fruit is so soft, it cannot be manufactured by machines. Therefore, salt plums from Nakamichi Farm is all handmade. As a result, they cannot be mass produced, but extra care is given to the salt plums as they make each one by hand.

The appetizing taste of ”grilled plums”

Another popular product at ”Nakamichi Farm” is the grilled plum.
By using charcoal, another specialty of Kishu, the plums are grilled slowly and thoroughly, bringing out the matured and ripened taste.
The brown grilled plum has the perfect mix of acidity, sweetness and roasted aroma.
The collaboration of Nanko-ume and charcoal is possible only in Kishu.


Nakamichi Farm
3082 Kamihaya, Tanabe, Wakayama