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Like a Castle in a Dream ”Nanki Shirahama Hot Spring, Hotel Kawahisa”

Like a Castle in a Dream
”Nanki Shirahama Hot Spring, Hotel Kawahisa”

One of the three oldest hot springs ”Nanki Shirahama Hot Spring”

There is a golden roofed castle which stands out along Tanabe Bay near Nanki Shirahama airport, located in the west of Wakayama prefecture. The castle-like building which catches visitors by surprise, is ”Nanki Shirahama Hot Springs, Hotel Kawakyu.
Nanki Shirahama Hot Springs has a long history, and is counted as one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan. In old literatures such as Nihon-shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan), or in the records of the culture and geography of this prefecture, the hot spring is recorded as ”Muro no yu”. This is an indication that is has flourished as a hot spring resort from the old ages, and developed as one of the most prominent marine resorts in western Japan.
The characteristic of ”Nanki Shirahama Hot Spring, Hotel Kawakyu” is the dream-like atmosphere. The lobby has an arch shaped ceiling covered with gold, and the contrast of the blue columns built to look like marble and the monochromatic floors is quite beautiful. On the walls of the large bathing area with hot healing water, there are drawings of hermits and ancient Chinese poems wishing for ”eternal youth and longevity”.

Enjoy the escape from daily life

All of the guest rooms are suites, and the interior and fabrics are different for each room. There are also maisonette type suites which can accommodate two or even three generation families.
Guests can enjoy their meals at restaurants such as ”Main Dining & Grill, Furnace” and ”Restaurant Isola Bella” which look like they came from foreign countries. The restaurants serve meals which use plenty of fresh seasonal ingredients. Besides that, there are restaurants which serve ”kaiseki” dishes, a traditional Japanese meal served in courses; a Japanese food restaurant, and an eatery for late night snacks.
The hotel provides excellent service along with architectural and interior designs that are engaging. The hotel is like a world within your imagination where you can enjoy your trip to your heart’s content.


Nanki Shirahama Hot Springs, Hotel Kawakyu
3745 Shirahama, Nishimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture