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Secret ”Onsen” in Kumano ”Kawayu Hot Springs Fujiya”

Secret ”Onsen” in Kumano
”Kawayu Hot Springs Fujiya”

Kawayu Hot Spring, outdoor bath with rustic beauty, Fujiya
1452 Kawayu, Hongu, Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture

Enjoying a unique hot spring

Steam rises endlessly from the ”Oto River”, a branch of the Kumano River. ”Kawahara Hot Spring” is a unique hot spring where hot spring gushes when the riverbed is dug. ”Kawayu Hot Spring Fujiya” faces ”Oto River”. The baths in the inn include a partially outdoor bath, a marble bath, Kishu podocarpus bath, and a private bath which can be enjoyed in privacy. (Private bath is available by reservation only. 3,150 yen for 45 minutes.)
During November to February, the flow of the ”Oto River” is blocked by gravel, and people can enjoy natural hot springs in the river. It is called ”the hermit bath”. It is open from 6:30 in the morning to 10 at night. The bath cannot be used when it is raining. While it is possible to use the ”outdoor bath at the river bed” during March to October, it is dependent on the amount of water and the temperature.
The status of ”the hermit bath” is updated daily on the hotel’s website.

Japanese style inn nestled in the nature of Kumano

All the guest rooms face the Oto River, so guests can enjoy the nature of Kumano. There are three ”Kumano modern rooms” which are created based on different images of Kumano, such as earth, bamboo and tree respectively. Kumano cedar is used for the floor and parts of the ceiling, creating a space where the nature of Kumano blends in harmony with the modern interior.

There are free shuttle buses from the inn to Kumano Old Road (Hosshinmon Oji, Fushiogami Oji). If you are going on a pilgrimage to ”Kumano Sanzan”, you should definitely visit the secret hot spring of Kumano.


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