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”Sake” recognized by the world ”Tabata Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.”

”Sake” recognized by the world
”Tabata Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.”

Winner of the Monde Selection Award for 22 consecutive years

There is a ”sake” that has won ”the Monde Selection Award” for 22 consecutive years. It is called ”Rashomon Ryuju” from Tabata Sake Brewery.
The fruity aroma and taste of ”Rashomon Ryuju” was acknowledged in 1989, when it became the first ”sake” to win highest honors among the various alcoholic products entered, earning the Gold Award.
At the Monde Selection, more than 1000 types of alcohol such as whisky, brandy and others are exhibited from more than 30 countries around the world. It is not an easy task to win for 22 years considering the fierce competition. Needless to say, the 22 year consecutive win is the first in history, and they continue to break the record. Many fans are anxiously watching to see if they will continue to win each year. This accomplishment is due to their commitment to make each ”sake” carefully without mass production.

Refreshing taste. ”Satoko’s Sake”

And another brand worthy of attention is ”Satoko’s Sake”. This is the first ”sake” made by a woman in the brewery’s 160 year history. It was created by Satoko Hasegawa, the 7th master brewer. She entered the world of ”sake” brewery which was dominated by men, training under brewers, to finally complete this mellow and refreshing tasting sake. All the ingredients comes from local producers, hence it is 100% local Wakayama ”sake”.

Since this is a small brewer, production is limited in order to maintain high quality. This year’s planned production of ”Satoko’s Sake” is already sold out. ”Rashomon” can also only be shipped in small amounts every year. ”The mystic sake” recognized by the world. If you want to taste it, reserve early. (Interviewed in 2009)


Tabata Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
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