Pursuing taste ”Masuda Brewery Store”

Pursuing taste
”Masuda Brewery Store”

The Master of Sake, Noto Toji

Noto Toji were born in the end of Edo period and have been regarded the most prominent in sake brewing skills. There is one toji succeeding this tradition and who is referred to as one of the ”Greatest four Noto Toji”, This chief brewer, Koichi Sanbai works here at the Masuda Brewery Store. The characteristic of sake created by Noto Toji has to be sake with strong firm flavor. The leading brand sake of Masuda Brewery Store ”Masuizumi” exhibits just this and has a thick firm taste to it.

”Harmony” with the Brewers

Sanbai’s father and grandfather were also chief brewers and thus he is a thoroughbred chief brewer, so to speak. He therefore understands very well the hardships of being a brew master.”I was employed as a brew master for the first time at the age of 27. I have always felt gratitude to the company for having hired me at such a young age.” He values ”harmony” with other brewery workers. ”Our technique is one that flows over time.” Currently he has handed over his job as chief brewer but the skills have certainly been handed down.

Expanding Possibility of Japanese Sake

Nakata went on a tour of the brewery lead by the current owner of Masuda Brewery Store, Ryuichiro Masuda. ”I want to expand the possibilities of Japanese “sake” further. We can create such good “sake” in such a simple way. I keep on telling everybody, let’s all do this!” As he says this, he recommended us the Kijoshu. Though not many drink this, fans are on the increase with its deep intense taste. Masuda says, ”It must be interesting meeting so many brewers at different sake breweries. I sometimes go visit other Hokuriku breweries myself.” Masuda Brewery Store runs many stores that adopt artwork by artists of Toyama, where you can feel the charms of Toyama.


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