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”l’Hotel du Lac” A Private Villa Overlooking Lake Biwa

”l’Hotel du Lac”
A Private Villa Overlooking Lake Biwa

Spacious resort hotel

The concept for ”L’Hotel du Lac” in front of Lake Biwa, which occupies a sixth of the entire Shiga prefecture, is ”My Private Villa” to offer relaxation in nature, providing a highly sophisticated environment, fulfilling meals, relaxation through beauty, and enveloping their guests with warm welcome.
The facilities range from a private pool, 4 tennis courts, a library with books and magazines from a wide variety of genre in Japanese and English, a bar with more than 100 different brands of shochu, open-air baths, etc. It is all very fulfilling in the simple modern interior. However, there is more to why they call themselves ”My Private Villa”.

”Villa” to offer relaxation

For guests who want to enjoy their stay to the fullest and relax, the hotel offers a private concierge service for the entire visit. Guests may also enjoy privacy having a choice of 3 different types of annex villas.

From 1995, when the world’s number 1 sommelier Shinya Tasaki first produced the hotel, it has served seasonal local dishes to enhance local ingredients, coupled with wine. What would be your ideal stay at this private villa?


L'Hotel du Lac
2064 Ooura Azaicho Nagahama-shi Shiga