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”HOTELI aalto” – Blend of Japanese and Northern European comfort

”HOTELI aalto”
- Blend of Japanese and Northern European comfort

Surrounded by the nature of Urabandai

Urabandai is an area located in Northern Fukushima surrounded by Mount Bandai, Mount Adatara and Mount Azuma, has more than 300 marshes and lakes including the famous Goshiki Marsh, and is part of Bandai-Asahi National Park. Located at an altitude of 800 meters, it is a popular tourist site in the Northeastern part of Japan for hiking and leisure in summer, and winter sports in winter.
Hoteli aalto is a mountain lodge that is surrounded by the nature of Urabandai.
The lodge was renovated and opened in 2009 under the concept of ”connecting the Northern European lifestyle that embraces nature with the Japanese love for the homeland”. The large roof symbolizing the lodge takes advantage of its surroundings while also respecting its location in a National Park. Domestic lumber is used for the exterior and the interior uses plaster for maximum beauty and functionality that blends with the environment. Featuring Northern European lifestyle with beautifully designed furniture, the hotel offers a gentle and relaxing ambience.

”Food Treasures” and ”Onsen” to relax the body and soul

Located in nature that is beautiful yet also rugged, the warmth of the ”onsen” is quite appealing. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the forest and enjoy the seasonal change as you soak yourself in the flowing hot spring drawn from an on-site source.
Meals are served in the ”Tagokoro Cafe” where locally grown ”food treasures” such as locally grown ”Aizu rice” and vegetables are used for highly nutritious dishes. The ”kaiseki” style dishes have an exquisite balance between Japanese and western essences that has captured the hearts of fans, who repeat visitors.
Hoteli aalto shares the fortunes of nature in Urabandai with its setting, ”onsen” and cuisine. It is a hotel where you can fully enjoy the treasures of Fukushima fused with the ”omotenashi” spirit.


HOTELI aalto
1073-153 Hibara Oobudaira, Kitashiobara-mura, Yama-gun, Fukushima