Brewery with traces of history ”Wakaki Shoten Co., Ltd.”

Brewery with traces of history
”Wakaki Shoten Co., Ltd.”

Miso and Soy Sauce Brewery with 250 years of history

Founded in 1755, this is a well established store covering 12 generations including the current owner. Since its inception, they have continued to brew soy sauce and ”miso” for more than 250 years. Wakaki Shoten’s flagship product, ”Wakaki Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce” is a gem, made from top quality local Aizu soybeans. ”Wakaki Handmade Kura Miso” also uses soybeans from Aizu. Everything has been carefully made with local ingredients, and the taste is rooted in local culture. The history of 250 years is also visible in the storefront.
The store building was built as a Western style grocery store in 1931, and the ceiling is coated with plaster, retaining the atmosphere of the good old days. At the back of the store, there is a brick warehouse where the products are made. It is a three story tool warehouse, and two story residence. The entire residence building is built with persimmon (Shimakaki) trees. Many guests of importance were entertained in the guest room, but the materials are no longer available, making it even more valuable. The building and store are designated Tangible Cultural Assets. The brick layers are symbolic of the Meiji era, making both buildings masterpieces.

A nostalgic Showa House

”Wakaki Showakan” also has a nostalgic feel with traditional candy and other sundries on display. The former soy sauce factory with the fermenting room or ”muro” was transformed into a candy and Japanese goods store. The inside of the store had a definite retro feel, and one can’t help feeling nostalgic. Behind the store master, Shinichiro Kabuki, hung a wooden sign board which used to be on the storefront of the original Wakaki Shoten. Needless to say, the letters were written from the right. (Closed in winter.)
The brewery was started in the Edo period. They have remained in Aizu during their entire history from Meiji, to Taisho to Showa. The brewery is rooted in the locality and is a throwback to its history.


Wakaki Shoten Co., Ltd.
4786 3-chome, Kitakata, Fukushima