Miso created over the seasons ”Noda Miso Shoten Masuzuka Miso”

Miso created over the seasons
”Noda Miso Shoten Masuzuka Miso”

Following their philosophy of ”natural fermentation”

”Noda Miso Shoten” produces soybean ”miso”, a specialty of Aichi. The soybean ”miso” of Aichi is called ”Hatcho miso”. The ingredients are only soybeans, salt, ”koji”, and water. Hatcho miso is matured for a long time, so the taste differs by brewery. ”Masuzuka Miso” is a brand of ”miso” sold by Noda Miso Shoten, and has been a local favorite for a long time.

”Noda Miso Shoten” is very particular about preserving the ancient method of ”miso” making. In recent years many breweries control the temperature artificially in order to accelerate the activity of ”koji”, but at ”Noda Miso Shoten”, they believe in natural fermentation. Allowing the ”miso” to mature slowly but surely in time with the four seasons, it becomes mellow, and acquires a deep sweetness.

Making ”miso” big new casks

The huge barrels used for maturing are, of course, all made of wood. Craftsmen who make wooden barrels are quickly decreasing, so the 400 barrels the brewery possesses are used with great care, being repaired as needed. In 2007, they acquired a new wooden barrel for the first time in 60 years. More than 70 Mikawa cedar trees, 80 to 90 years old, were cut down and brought from the mountains to make this single barrel. The barrel will be used to make ”miso” in the ”kura” at ”Noda Miso Shoten” for the next 150 years. There is a lot more involved in ”miso” making than one would imagine. It’s about Japanese sincerity and the eternal flow of time.


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