”Komyoji” Beautiful Japanese Temple

Beautiful Japanese Temple

Legendary Temple and Beautiful Temple Grounds

Honen Shonin founded the Jodo sect of Buddhism. Kumagai Naozane was very much attracted and devoted to Honen’s teachings became his disciple as ”Rensei Hosshi” in 1198 and built Nenbutsu Sanmai In, which is the origin of Komyoji. 30 years later in 1228 at the 17th memorial commemoration of Honen, his remains were cremated and a mausoleum was built. Legend says that his coffin emitted immaculate light. Emperor Shijo, upon hearing this, dedicated an imperial scroll. Komyoji is also known to be the head temple for Nishiyama Jodo sect, but the temple is also famous for its beauty in all seasons. In Spring, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, in Summer, the abundant greenery. In Autumn, the coloring of the autumn leaves are often referred to as the best in Kyoto. The ”maple leaves entrance path” is a breathtaking view, the path completely covered with red maple leaves. And then the beauty of the Winter, like a painting in ink. It is a temple where people can fully appreciate the beauty of Kyoto with the four seasonal expressions of nature.


26-1 Aosaijonai, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto
URL http://www.komyo-ji.or.jp/