Art created by lava, ”Onioshidashi-en”

Art created by lava,

The remains from Mt. Asama explosion

There is an old saying that an ogre lives in Mt. Asama and when he gets angry, the mountain explodes. The big explosion in 1783 brought many casualties.

At ”Onioshidashi-en,” you can see the remains of lava, boulders and rocks that was spewed out from the volcanic explosion. The scenery is chilling.
However, observing from a different perspective, you can appreciate the power and beauty of nature. It started to rain when Nakata was there, but the rain created an impressive smokey view.

The ferocity of nature

“Serving as a memorial to people who lost their lives during the explosion, ”Asamayama Kannon-do,” serving as a subsidiary of ”Ueno Kaneiji,” was built on the site. It also serves to relay the ferocity of nature to future generations.

Looking down at the grounds from the hill where the temple is built, Nakata said it reminds him of Africa. It was a vision that didn’t seem to fit in Japan.

There is an area where seasonal plants and flowers grow, a pleasing sight to the beholder. Visitors can enjoy wild flowers growing next to the hardened lava, and experience the power of nature.


1053 Kanbara, Tsumagoi-mura, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma