Where Toshinaga Maeda rests ”Zuiryuji ”

Where Toshinaga Maeda rests
”Zuiryuji ”

Takaoka and Toshinaga Maeda

The National Treasure ”Zuiryuji” was founded in 1614. It was built by the 3rd feudal lord of the Kaga clan, Toshitsune Maeda to pay respect to the late 2nd Kaga Feudal lord, Toshinaga Maeda. Toshinaga Maeda rests in Zuiryuji in Takaoka-shi, but originally the one who built Takaoka was Toshinaga Maeda himself. Toshinaga retired at the age of 44, and at this time he moved to Toyama from Kanazawa. However, unfortunately the Toyama castle he moved into burned down which made him build a new castle in Takaoka. He created a town surrounding this castle which was the start of the town Takaoka.

Beautiful Grounds of Zuiryuji

Takaoka’s size hasn’t changed as much as when it was first planned out by Toshinaga. When Toshinaga moved to Takaoka, he brought with him the temple Hoenji which was built as memorial for Nobunaga Oda. Thus Hoenji is the antecedent of Zuiryuji and when Toshinaga passed in 1614, Toshitsune officially renamed the temple Zuiryuji, taken from his Buddhist name in his honor. Toshitsune had always felt great gratitude towards Toshinaga thus the complete reconstruction of Zuiryuji took 10 whole years. The temple accomplished is the current designated National Treasure. It is a simple and solemn Buddhist temple. The front garden consists of a lawn that stands out against the contrast with the sky and temple. The very person who created Takaoka rests in Takaoka, Zuiryuji.


35 Sekihonmachi Takaoka-shi Toyama
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