Design meets craftsman: ”opt duo and Masami Nishino”

Design meets craftsman:
”opt duo and Masami Nishino”

Pursuit of more advanced designs

To some, Fukui is known as the ”city of eyeglasses”. ”opt duo” attracts attention with its creative designs, and is home to a popular brand named ”spec espace”.

”spec espace” means the ”performance of a space”. “Wearing eyeglasses creates a space that has not existed before that.” ”opt duo” considers eyeglasses as items which create space with the frames.
Compared to standard eyeglasses, the elaborate styles add a different look to those wearing the eyeglasses, and has added to their popularity.

One and only eyeglasses created by a craftsman

The frames of the ”Celluloid” series, one of the more popular products from spec espace, are made by Masami Nishino, one of the most celebrated craftsmen in Fukui. With perfect precision, he is able to replicate the design on the celluloid frame. He creates subtle angles as can be created only by true craftsmanship. Only a skilled craftsman can create products from the very particular design. The entire process from polishing to molding is performed by hand.
To show all of that goes into creating each frame, the eyeglasses are engraved with “spec espace,” “Masami Nishino” and “teshigoto (manual work).” Design, craftsmanship, commitment… None of these can be spared in making the one and only eyeglasses.


opt duo Inc.
539 Kitanaka-cho, Sabae-shi, Fukui