”Maruni Wood Industry” Beautiful Furniture Matching the times

”Maruni Wood Industry”
Beautiful Furniture Matching the times

Craftsmen who create delicate lines

Maruni furniture is high-quality furniture that is well-known, comparable to the Karimoku brand. They are headquartered in Hiroshima. They came into the spotlight in 2009 when they created the wooden ”cord-chair” with legs only 15 mm thick, in collaboration with the innovative design office ”nendo”. As you could imagine, ”cord-chair” with legs only 15 mm is very unlike the conventional chairs we are used to. This was made by wrapping thin 3 mm strips of wood around 9mm stainless steel. 3 mm wood was so thin, it was impossible to manufacture by machines, so everything was done by hand. Their craftsmen also made sure the wooden patterns all matched when wrapping around the steel. The innovative design combines and expresses the warmth of the wood, and the hard solid design. This was only possible due to the knowledge and skills accumulated within Maruni, which has been involved in the wooden chair manufacturing business since 1928. Other than this, Maruni continues to launch sturdy furniture matching the trends such as with their ”Maruni Collection” collaborating with Naoto Fukazawa of ”±0”.


Maruni Wood Industry Inc.
24 Shirasago Yukicho Saekiku Hiroshima-shi Hiroshima
URL http://www.maruni.com/en/