Bringing the Charm of Enameled Ware into Modern Life,  ”Noda Horo Inc.

Bringing the Charm of Enameled Ware into Modern Life,
”Noda Horo Inc.

Tutankhamun’s Golden Mask is actually Enameled Ware

Enameled wares have glossy smooth texture and hefty weight, they are nostalgic and bring back memories of the past. Enameled wares are familiar as basins used in hospitals and containers for food storage. But how are they made? Enameled wares are made by covering a metal base object with glaze and baking it at high temperature to set the glaze. Its origin goes back as far as King Tutankhamun. The golden mask of Tutankhamun is glass glaze baked on metal such as silver and gold. Its method is exactly same as enameled ware. One is for decoration and the other is for practical use. As decoration, the method passed on to become cloisonné ware, and enameled ware as practical use. Manufacturing of enameled ware is a very traditional method.

Keeping Tradition Alive in Times of Decline

Noda Horo is proud of their highest quality in the enameled ware industry. For over 70 years since 1934, they have manufactured each product by hand. They are a top maker in the enameled ware industry in Japan.

In the past, enameled ware was used for many products such as pots, storage containers for rice-bran pickling, and basins. enameled ware has numerous advantages such as being sturdy and long lasting, less prone to scratching and bacteria growth, and smell not staying since the surface is smooth.
But peaking in 1971, enameled ware began being replaced by plastic and stainless steel, and gradually declined. As the number of enameled ware manufacturers which at its peak was about 90 in Japan declined, Noda Horo simply pursed the advantages of enameled ware and retained its place as the top maker.

Simple and Clean Products for Modern Lifestyle

The amazing thing about Noda Horo is that they have taken full advantage of the best assets of enameled ware as a material, and created products which match the modern lifestyle.
The “White Series” are products which can be used for “preparation”, “cooking”, and “storage” in the same container. It can be used to refrigerate or to cook on an open fire. And “Nukazuke Bijin”, or “Rice-husk Pickling Beauty” makes rice-husk pickling possible in a refrigerator so that it can be done even in a modern apartment residence.

At Noda Horo, enameled ware is still made by hand. It takes several dozens of procedures such as cutting copper plates, die cutting, bending and tightening edges, etc. to make a mold. And it takes time to acquire the delicate skills. It can only be made with the skills cultivated by craftsmen over decades.
Noda Horo has not only kept tradition alive during times of decline but produced many new iteWith this kind of standpoint, Noda Horo has gained the trust they have today as an enameled ware manufacturer.


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