Depicting eloquence  ”Kenji Maida, Kaga Yuzen”

Depicting eloquence
”Kenji Maida, Kaga Yuzen”

Eloquent tones of ”Kaga Yuzen”

It is said that the innovative kimono designer, Yuzensai Miyazaki appeared in the beginning of the Edo period. ”Yuzen-zome” then spread to Kaga and was later established as ”Kaga Yuzen” in the 1700’s. ”Kyo Yuzen” was popular for its sophisticated design, but in comparison to this, ”Kaga Yuzen” was known for its captivating delicate pictures and tones of color.
Kenji Maida is a creator who continues the tradition of ”Kaga Yuzen”.
He draws pictures of pine trees, plum trees, and seasonal flowers, and is even able to depict the eloquent wind with a brush.
Besides kimono, he also draws on a larger scale, such as the drop curtain for concert halls. The ”Kaga Yuzen” curtains are breathtaking.

Drawing with a brush

We visited the workshop, and to Nakata’s surprise, he was given a chance to draw using a paint brush.
He colored one color at a time as Maida observed.
”Yuzen Nagashi” is a seasonal icon of Kanazawa. The kimono fabric is washed of their dye in the rivers.
As long as beautiful ”Kaga Yuzen” exists, this serene scenery will continue.


Kaga Yuzen Maida
3-9-19 Honda-cho Kanazawa, Ishikawa