Drawing in Red ”Masayasu Mitsuke, Potter”

Drawing in Red
”Masayasu Mitsuke, Potter”

Sensitive delicate drawings

The young potter, Masayasu Mitsuke born in 1975, is about the same age as Nakata. He studied at Ishikawa Prefecture Kutani Pottery Technical Training Institute, and after graduating went into apprenticeship under Fukushima Buzan, designated Ishikawa Prefecture Intangible Cultural Property.
The biggest characteristic of Mitsuke’s works are his red pictures.
The base color of Kutani is white, and upon this color, an eloquent red picture is drawn. When seen from afar, you will be awed by the presence, and when you get closer, you will be surprised at its delicate sensitivity. Although it is just a simple red and white, the pieces on display were powerful and sensitive at the same time.

Work that attracts attention

Mitsuke was designated Traditional Craftsman, certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2006; and in the following year he became independent and established his own studio.
His works have received numerous awards, and is collected by Ishikawa Prefecture Museum and Kutani Pottery Museum, highly appraised despite of his young age.
By request of Nakata, he took part in ”Take Action Foundation Charity Gala 2010” where his collaborative piece with Ooki Sato and produced by Yuji Akimoto was displayed.


potter, Masayoshi Mitsuke
Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture