”Edokiriko Shop Hanashyo”  New Designs and Traditional Techniques

”Edokiriko Shop Hanashyo”
New Designs and Traditional Techniques

Polishing by Hand

Edokiriko Shop Hanashyo was founded in 1964. The glassware is currently created by Ryuichi Kumakura, the second generation, and his son of the third generation, Takayuki Kumakura. The most prominent feature of Edokiriko Shop Hanashyo is that they are particular about hand polishing. This is the final process to finish off the perfect cutting work. Even the machines and equipment used for the polishing process are all hand made by the Kumakuras.
The works of art are not just beautiful glass, but are gentle to the touch, created with great care, not possible with mass-produced glassware.

Edo Kiriko to the World

Edo Kiriko is a work of art popular around the world for its beautiful colors and patterns. Edokiriko Shop Hanashyo aims to attract people across the globe. Their designs are a good fit with the Western lifestyle, with their old type glasses, wine glasses, and lamp shades.
What’s more, they incorporate modern designs to match current styles. These new designs have captured the hearts of new fans and are also helping to spread awareness for Edo Kiriko.
Glasses that are held in your hands, lamps that are beautiful to look at. They continue to create Edo Kiriko to make our modern lives richer and bountiful.


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