Learn and  experience glass ”Glass workshop SILICA”

Learn and experience glass
”Glass workshop SILICA”


Glass showroom

Glass studio SILICA is built on the Akane Daira hill where the entire city of Kitaibaraki can be viewed. Its name derives from the silica sand which glass is made from. Its title ”Glass Studio” comes from the showroom where you can see glass works collected from all over the world. Various genres of works displayed range from blown glass, cut glass, and to kiln work where various colors are generated by reheating and fusing combined cold glass. Fujiko Enami, a glass craft artist, showed us around the facility. (We will visit Enami on our trip to Kanagawa Prefecture. )

The glass ”jubako” (stacked food box)

One of the items that caught Nakata’s attention was ”Kazaribako Kohaku bai” (Decorated box; Red and White Plum Blossoms). It looks like a ”jubako” but instead of the conventional lacquered wood, it is made of glass. They use black on the inside, decorated with lavish gold leaf and colors that inspires red and white plum blossoms on the outside.

Enami explained ”it is glass so naturally, its translucent. That makes it so beautiful. ”A SILICA staff opened the glass door for us and let Nakata hold it. He walked up to the window and held it up against the sunlight. A purplish black color became visible and the work emitted a sort of divine atmosphere.

Experiencing glass

The final step of the tour was a view of glass craft in action. Enami joined in the work. That day, all of the workers were women. We were surprised by the large number of female workers when we toured another glass factory elsewhere, but here again, women. They were taking the glass out of the kiln, and all of them called out loudly ”I’m taking this out!” ”Yes, OK!” and worked together in harmony. This work can be seen by any visitor, and is a rare occasion to have a direct look at the actual work of creation, but a look at the actual work may be overwhelming.
At SILICA you are able to experience various hand-on glass making with prior reservation. It is a workshop where you can learn about glass, admire the works, actually make glass crafts, and experience the entre world of glass.


Glass studio SILICA
2747, Hanakawa Chazuta, Kitaibaraki, Ibaraki Prefecture
URL http://www.studiosilica.com/