”Edo kiriko Seichi Shinozaki and Hideaki Shinozaki” From Lines to Dots

”Edo kiriko Seichi Shinozaki and Hideaki Shinozaki”
From Lines to Dots

Cut Glass that Looks like a Kaleidoscope

Nakata took a glass in his hand and looked at it intently. When you rotate the glass 360 degrees, different patterns can be seen, just like a kaleidoscope. This is the Edo kiriko work, made by Seiichi Shinozaki of Shinozaki Glass Craft and his son, Hideaki Shinozaki.
You may image a combination of lines and complex geometric patterns when you think of Edo Kiriko. “In the past, we were able to make a living by drawing palisade patterns.” Shinozaki told us.
“But now, that’s in the past. Simple designs are made overseas, and the Japanese craftsmen are gone. Also in the past, department stores were not interested in Edo kiriko unless they were made by a famous designer.” As Shinozaki spoke, his son brought the glass Nakata was looking into earlier that looked like a kaleidoscope.

Designs made Possible by the Artisans

“This is one of my father’s masterpieces. The floral design is still very popular.” The work of Seiichi Shinozaki are delicate and the kiriko cut are very detailed. The technique creates the little dots and circles drawn inside the glass, making it glitter like a kaleidoscope. They are not simple flower designs. The flower on the other side can be seen within the flower in the front. That is how the kaleidoscope works. It is all calculated. Sometimes a cloudy effect is used made to emphasize the designs. In addition to the flowers, there are circles and patterns that are cut onto the glass to for visual pleasure.
“The kiriko in the past were all just a combination of lines, so traditional craftsmen may say this is not authentic kiriko. But this is a new design that was brought into this world through their creations. Technique comes first, and then the designs. This is how this unique type of kiriko design came to be, through the minds of the artisans.

Concentration that allows one to forget the weight

Shinozaki also creates large size pieces. Ordinarily, Edo kiriko is thought of as being small, the size of a cup or a wine glass. However, Shinozaki makes huge dishes, big enough to hold two portions, and pitchers the size of a pot. Nakata held the pitcher and shouted, “It’s heavy!” It is made of crystal glass and obviously the bigger, the heavier.
“You need to hold it when you’re engraving, don’t you?”
“Yes, of course it’s heavy, but as you focus more and more, you forget about how heavy it is.”
The delicate patterns are engraved while the 10 kg of weight is in your arms. Once you make a mistake, it’s all over. Concentration is essential, and perhaps the more you concentrate, the more you forget about the weight. We saw many works of art that reflected true craftsmanship. “Well, sometimes I get overly engrossed and forget that it’s the holiday season, and there were times my wife and friends all left on a trip somewhere leaving me behind.” Seiichi Shinozaki chuckles, showing no signs of remorse.


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