”Ceramic Artist Masahiro Maeda” Enjoying a Myriad of Designs

”Ceramic Artist Masahiro Maeda”
Enjoying a Myriad of Designs

Making Ceramics in Roppongi

Ceramic artist Masahiro Maeda owns a studio right in the middle of Tokyo in Roppongi. He uses an electric kiln to create his work. Nakata who also creates pottery is delighted with this.
“I have a lot of friends interested in ceramic art, but distance has been an issue. But Roppongi would be ideal!” Maeda holds regular workshops. He says that the location has easy access, and many people attend, proving just how appealing ceramic art is.

Charmed by Gold, Silver and Red

The characteristic of Maeda’s work is that the designs are created with layers and layers of gold and silver.
Masking tape is used to block off the areas that aren’t to be painted. This process is repeated, over and over, allowing color to be layered. The final product is a design with layers of color. As long as the temperature is carefully adjusted, the pieces will not crack. We were invited to see the colorful pieces lined up on the shelves. Some have vivid colors, such as red and blue.
“These primary colors are very rare.”
”Just like with oil paints, red is a difficult color to create. It’s not impossible, but the reason people don’t use primary colors is because it doesn’t suite the Japanese food culture and aren’t popular. I’ve been restraining myself.”
“Adding a little of yellow might be interesting.” Nakata says, examining the pieces, one by one.

Enjoying the design

“Speaking of red, here is another one.” he commented as he pulled out a big pot with a lid. The exterior is red, and it looks as though it is lacquered. When you take the lid off, the inside is coated in vivid gold and black. There’s twice the enjoyment, both inside and out.
Texture is important too, and that adds to the joy. Nakata inquired about a particular one. “Is this ceramic too?” “Yes, it is,” Maeda replied. The surface is rugged and the texture is just as appealing.
“Porcelain is normally smooth to the touch, and that is what people expect. I made this to betray those expectations.”
Designs made with colors. The outside is made simple where the inside is gorgeous. Texture to convey the expression. These are the characteristics of Maeda’s designs.
He held out a book. It was a sample pattern book for kimonos. “Brilliant, isn’t it? I am just awed by the designs. Can’t stop purchasing them.”
Maeda also took out a piece of paper. It has a pigment solvent and when you cut out a piece and place it on the pieces, it brings out a bright color. “ Nakata commented in approval “Designing is like a child working on his arts and crafts!” “Exactly!” Maeda replied. Besides adding color, variations include blurring. Perhaps his work is the result of having fun with these ideas.


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