All handmade wine ”BEAU PAYSAGE”

All handmade wine

From grape cultivation to wine making.

The winery in Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture, ”BEAU PAYSAGE” is located on a highland with the altitude of approximately 800m. From grape cultivation to wine making, all the processes are done within the winery.

”I chose this land to grow Merlot, which is suitable for making red wine. We don’t have too much rain here, and I thought the climate was very good. However, there rose a problem. I grow my grapes without any chemical fertilizers, but grapes caught the one disease that cannot be prevented when you grow them with this method. So I’m still on a trial and error. I’m also trying a new kind called Pinot Gris.” It was Eishi Okamoto, the owner of the winery, who told us in a relaxed tone.

Wine making without machinery, leaving it to gravity to do the work.

BEAU PAYSAGE is unique. What is so unique about it is, that everything is done by Okamoto. It is not only growing grapes, but literally every process is done by Okamoto’s ”hands” alone.

”I pick the grapes from the bunch and put them here. Then the fruits underneath get squashed with their own weight. Then they will ferment and become wine. ”Nakata was very surprised to hear that there is a winery in Japan that makes wine without the use of any machinery.

Accept the changes of environment and work meticulously.

On tasting, the wine was ”delicious and full bodied”, and very impressive, but the wine is greatly influenced by weather.. How does he cope with the weather and climate? ”We simply have to accept that. The only thing we can do is to make wine with great care. that year”

Just accept things as they are and do the things to be done, one by one, so Okamoto told us.


1334-5 Kurabara, Takane-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture