A museum specializing in ceramics ”Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum”

A museum specializing in ceramics
”Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum”


Encounter with modern art

The Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum was opened in 2000 as the first prefectural art museum specializing in ceramics in eastern Japan. Ibaraki Prefecture is known for its famous Kasama-yaki pottery. In addition to the exhibition introducing the history of ceramic art, other works displayed include those by Hazan Itaya, who is considered by many to be the founder of modern pottery, and also Yasunari Matsui, who was awarded the status of Important Intangible Cultural Asset (= Human National Treasure) from his home city of Kasama. Works by other famous artists are included in the display. In addition, even works of young artists are exhibited with many other works regardless of the genre. So it’s no exaggeration to say that you can view contemporary ceramics at a glance in this museum.

The pieces behind the glass

Actually, Kenji Kaneko who is the director of this museum has had connection with Nakata for years. He was a part of the ”2010 REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT” of the ”TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION”, for which Nakata serves as the representative director. The museum is also where the exhibition ”Hidetoshi Nakata, Meets Modern Ceramics”was held. For that reason, when it was decided that we would be visiting Ibaraki, we spoke with him and had him recommend artists we should visit. This time we had Director Kaneko show us around the museum.
Many works by the artists we met during our trip to Ibaraki were on display. They had a different impression behind the glass than when we held them close in our hand and, hearing the artist explain them to us. .

Nakata’s work in the entrance hall?

When we entered the museum, we were greeted by the UFO shaped hot pot that Nakata had made with Michi Nara and Kasumi Ueba. How did Nakata feel when he saw the work he took part in was displayed right by the entrance? Nakata looked surprised, but it also looked like he enjoyed seeing it sitting there.

Also at this museum, the ”REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT” exhibition was being held until June 10, 2012. The exhibition displayed the collaborative work by artists under the theme of ”ceramics” and ”washi”. There were also works selected from the ”Hidetoshi Nakata, Meets Modern Ceramics” exhibition.


A museum specializing in ceramics work ”Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum”
2345 Kasama, Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture
URL http://www.tougei.museum.ibk.ed.jp/english/index.html