The great taste of Yachimata peanuts ”Fukuya Shoten”

The great taste of Yachimata peanuts
”Fukuya Shoten”

Peeking out from the soil

Chiba Prefecture produces about 70% of all the peanuts in Japan, making it the largest producer of peanuts.
Fukuda of Fukuya Shoten which processes and sells peanuts, took us to his peanut farm.

What we saw was an open field of low growing green grass.
”Please stay near this root.” Fukuda said as he pulled a plant.
The long row of peanuts came out from the soil.
”So this is how it grows. I know it as a food, but I’ve never seen it like this.”

After flowering, the stipe grows from the fertilized petals, makes its way into the soil, and the seed pods which later become the peanuts begin to grow.
Most people are probably unfamiliar with peanuts growing underground.

The most delicious ”boiled peanuts”

After seeing the peanut farm, we headed to Fukuya Shoten.
There are various processed products sold here, such as raw peanuts, boiled peanuts and roasted peanuts.
”Chiba handachi”, the peanuts brand Chiba Prefecture is proud of, has a strong taste, and is mainly used for roasting.
Varieties such as ”Nakate Yutaka” have an early period of harvest, so it is used for boiling and roasting.

Among the various processed products, the ”boiled peanuts” are the most popular. At Fukuya Shoten, boiled peanuts are sold frozen.
It is made simply. Raw peanuts are boiled with salt water, and the sweetness and aroma blend well together, creating a different flavor from roasted peanuts.
Since it is more tasty to make using peanuts that are not quite ripe, the timing of sowing is also carefully calculated.

Fantastic peanuts recipes presented!

”What are other ways to eat peanuts here?”
”You can cook with rice, or cook with rice and red beans. Some people boil. You can also make tofu from peanut.”
Certainly these are menus which can be made because people can acquire fresh supply locally. All of them sound delicious.
Nakata likes ”cheese peanuts” but Fukuda brought a special item from the back. ”This, I just mixed sugar and miso.” We all tasted a pinch.
The sweetness spread into the mouth at once. The aroma of the peanuts were also mixed, giving it a unique taste.
It is called peanut miso, and they eat this regularly in Yachimata area.
There seem to be other delicious hidden recipes here.


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