”YK, Moriki Shuzojou”, A taste that you can make only by achieving perfection

”YK, Moriki Shuzojou”,
A taste that you can make only by achieving perfection

Selecting special Futakoji

Moriki Shuzojou started only making ”Junmai” since 1999.. All the sake they produce is hand made and they brew by using ”Koji (rice malt ” called ”Futa Koji” that takes a lot of care.
”Futa Koji” is one of the traditional method of making ”Koji” by putting steamed rice in a small box called ”Kojibuta”. By separating into small portions, it is easier to control temperature and oxygen supply so you can make better ”Koji”.
However, unlike the method of producing a large amount of koji at once by spreading rice on a large table called ”Toko Kojiho” or creating it by machine, this method takes more time and human labor.

In fact, in general, the ”Futa Koji” method is only used when making high-grade sake like Ginjo sake or more. However, Moriki Shuzojo adopts this methods in all of their products. . By taking time and spending human labor as much as it needs, they create ”sake” that has elegant fragrance and deep acidic taste.

Secret conversation with a famous writer

One of the sake that this method created is a sake named ”Rumiko’s Sake”. It was Akira Oze, who is the author of the manga ”Natsuko’s Sake” named this sake.
Rumiko Mori who is currently the director and the person in charge of making ”Koji” read the book ”Natsuko’s Sake” and was moved by it, wrote a letter to Oze about her childhood story growing up in a brewery and about the sake she is making now. After that, she got a reply from Oze.
At the back cover story of ”Natsuko’s Sake” volume 5, Oze said, ”some people said they used the name ”Natsuko’s Sake” and changed it slightly. but I think this was the perfect naming for this sake.” As they say, this sake is truly the special sake for Rumiko. As a footnote, charmed by her passion, Oze drew an illustration for the label.

Commitment to ”sake” makes delicious sake. It may be a matter of course, but here at Moriki Shuzojo they show this clearly by their taste.


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