”The Peaches at Tomochan’s” – you can even eat the skin.

”The Peaches at Tomochan’s”
- you can even eat the skin.

The taste differ every year — that’s the difficult, but also the fun part

”It’s the first time I pick peaches.” ”Really, Nakata-san? But you are born in Yamanashi!” There was a relaxed atmosphere as if it were on a peach picking picnic. However, Nakata soon went back to his earnest self, and began to interview Matsumi Ishihara, the owner of the farm. ”How can you tell a delicious peach?”

”You should choose a big one. And the one with tense skin. The more sunshine it had, the better it tastes. But, in fact, you can’t really tell. The sweetness depends of the amount of rainfall and so many other things, so the peaches taste different each year. That’s the difficult part of peach making,” said Ishihara, scratching his head.

Ichinomiya-cho, Fuefuki-shi is a famous production area of peaches, and ”the Peaches at Tomochan’s” are one of the most popular brands. They are sweet, have pretty colors, and have beautiful shape and are big. They are very popular as gifts, and orders pour in from all over Japan.

Nakata washed the freshly picked peach, and had a big bite. The peach is so fresh that you can eat the skin.
”It’s sweet, but it is completely different from sugary sweetness,” said Nakata, and ate up the whole peach.

Pleasure of receiving ”comments on this year’s peaches” from repeat customers.

”It’s difficult, because the peaches will have different taste every year,” said Ishihara. The farm has many repeat customers. ”Some customers send me letters saying, this year was better than last year, or last year was sweeter, and so on. That gives me real pleasure.”

Saying that, he scratched his head again.


Ishihara Farm
63 Kokubu, Ichinomiya-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture