Yuge Farm, Producing the popular cheese, made with love

Yuge Farm,
Producing the popular cheese, made with love

Homemade cheese you can have on the farm grounds

There is a dairy farm in a rich natural environment only about 20 minute drive from the center of Kobe. That is Yuge Farm. Every year, 30,000 people visit the small dairy farm raising 50 dairy cows with an area of about 16 acres. People come here for cheese. The dairy farm started to make cheese in 1984. Their cheese became a sensation and quite popular. The farm currently runs a restaurant where guests can enjoy a full-course meal.
”Fromage frais” is their most popular product. It is fresh cheese that is offered just before it matures. It has a fresh and light taste that suits the palate of Japanese. The cheese goes well with Japanese fermented food such as soy sauce and pickles.
At the restaurant, they serve ”Fromage frais” topped with sliced onion and shredded dried bonito, and seasoned with soy sauce, titled ”fresh cheese ala cold tofu” as an appetizer.

Relax and make yourself at home on the farm

Yuge Farm holds many different events including workshops and live events that also draw many visitors. In addition, many couples come to the farm to hold the wedding ceremonies. The casual feel of a wedding at the farm in nature conveys a special warmness, and has received a good reputation in contrast to the solemnness of churches or shrines.
The cheese producer Yuge told us that for them, cheese is like their children. Their cheese production is full of affection and thoughtfulness. Enjoy the gentle taste of their cheese.


Yuge Farm
5-2 Shimotanigami Nishimaruyama, Kita-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
URL http://yugefarm.com/