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”Kyoto Brighton Hotel” Supports your Trip in Kyoto

”Kyoto Brighton Hotel”
Supports your Trip in Kyoto

What Can be Done to Chill

”Kyoto Brighton Hotel” celebrated its 22nd anniversary in 2010 and is located on the west of Kyoto Imperial Palace in a neighborhood that still has the traditional scenery of the past. The spacious atrium lobby has a high ceiling that connects to the top floor, letting in the natural sunlight, which is refreshing and gorgeous. The guestrooms are practical, yet the interior are of high quality. To ensure good sleep, ”Dream journey beds” are used, and you will find a pair of cooling sheets for your feet inside the refrigerator to ease your feet after a long walk. What a way to support you during your trip. The hotel is conducting an experiment using natural waters that have been supplied from 100 m underground. It is used in their restaurants and cafes and shows how Kyoto has always been famous for its abundant natural spring waters. Now, whether the natural spring water does wonders for your skin is to be tested on your stay at the hotel…

Further Joy Touring Kyoto

There are a variation of food and ways to have your meals to choose from, such as the Kyo kaiseki cuisine, French, Chinese and Japanese style roo ”Kyo kaiseki Hotaru” serves Kaiseki cuisine, but are most popular for their breakfast ”Asage, Morning rice porridge”. There are plans that includes this breakfast set, so it may be worth giving it a check. ”Kyoto Brighton Hotel” is located in the center of Kyoto, convenient for sightseeing. Please consult with the concierge to make your trip more memorable by asking for information regarding seasonal events or recommended stores, etc.


Kyoto Brighton Hotel
Nakatachiuri Aramachi dori (Gosho nishi),Kamigyoku, Kyoto