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”Sumiya Kihouan”  A Moment in Kyoto’s ”Okuzashiki ”

”Sumiya Kihouan”
A Moment in Kyoto’s ”Okuzashiki ”


Elegant Relaxation

”Yunohana onsen” is an onsen often referred to as ”Kyoto’s okuzashiki (backroom)” and is located in the mountains of Kameoka-city, Kyoto Prefecture. It is about 30 minutes by car from Arashiyama and is located westward from the center of Kyoto. Currently they are popular for the trolleys that head toward Arashiyama, and the Hozu river rafting, but in has had a history of being a healing onsen during the feudal ages where injured soldiers came to heal their wounds. ”Sumiya Kihouan” is situated in the corner of this Yunohana onsen district. ”Sumiya Kihouan” greets its guests with their wonderful thatched gates. They have 27 guestrooms in total, such as the Japanese-style ”Yama no an”, The other rooms are all modern-styled comfortable rooms, such as the Western-style room ”Seiyu” which has canopied twin beds, indoor jacuzzi and slab stone sauna, producing a refined atmosphere.

Enjoying the onsen

The hotel spa is simple thermal radioactive onsen, sourced from the ”Yu no Hana onsen”. It includes a slight amount of natural radium said to be effective for the digestive system and adjusting hormone balance. Bathing facilities are the open-air ”Hanareno yu” for the ladies with the bathtub made of a thousand-year-old cherry tree. The reserved bath is ”Yamano kakure yu” (admission fee 3150 yen for 45 minutes) enabling you to embrace the nature of Kyoto all to yourself in the hot water, loosening up your muscles as well as your mind. Why not visit ”Sumiya Kihouan” and be enveloped in its calmness? It would be like a bouquet of flowers adding elegance to your trip to Kyoto.


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