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Making ”Fukuchitose”, a superb product brewed using the ”yamahai jikomi” method ”Tajima Shuzo”

Making ”Fukuchitose”, a superb product brewed using the ”yamahai jikomi” method
”Tajima Shuzo”

Enjoying the flavor of ”yamahai”

Tajima Shuzo is a traditional brewery dating back to the 1840s. Its representative label, ”Fukuchitose”, is brewed using a technique called ”yamahai jikomi” in which steamed rice and ”koji” are ground until they become porridge-like.
Generally, ”yamahai jikomi” is known for creating a strongly acid, heavy flavor that is preferred by ”sake” enthusiasts, but ”Fukuchitose” is characterized by its elegant scent and the fullness of its flavor. ”Fukuchitose Toku”, which is made with ”koshi-no-shizuku” rice grown by a contract farmer in Ono-shi, Fukui, has a unique depth to its flavor.
Tajima, president, and Muto, chief brewer, would both choose ”Fukuchitose Toku” if they had to pick their favorite from the breweries selection of products. It won silver at the International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2008, a global alcohol tasting competition, and gold at the U.S. National Sake Appraisal (JOY of SAKE) in 2009. The brand is highly acclaimed for its flavor. It is recommended for ”sake” beginners who are thinking about trying ”yamahai jikomi sake”.

Using a wooden tank for pressing

In the warehouse, we were shown the machines used for traditional ”kibune shibori” to press ”ginjo” and ”daiginjo”. The wooden tank has been used since 1965, and this process requires considerable time and effort. But it plays a crucial role.
Muto, the chief brewer, told us.
“We spend many days and put a lot of effort into making the ”sake”, so when it comes to pressing, it’s important for us to do it here, with the wooden tank. I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else. It’s a lot of work of course.”
Their stance toward ”sake” may be one of the reasons they have support from so many fans.

Uncompromising pursuit

Tajima Shuzo has a product which is increasingly attracting attention. It is ”daiginjo keshosui (lotion)”. Rich in amino acids, vitamins, mineral and other substances, Japanese ”sake” is known to be very effective in creating beautiful skin, and the lotion contains a high concentration of ”daiginjo sake”. In addition, ”sake” lees are known to prevent dark spots and freckles, helping to whiten the skin. and can be expected to beautifully whiten the skin. The lotion is completely natural and is free of any petroleum-based preservatives. The lotion has been extensively covered by the media and is rapidly gaining popularity. ”Daiginjo keshosui” has been developed into a series which now includes ”daiginjo sake kasu-sekken (sake lees soap)” and ”daiginjo cream”. All of the products have been well received.

The successful development of interesting items like ”daiginjo keshosui” can be attributed to the compatibility between Japanese ”sake” and Japanese people. ”Sake” brings fortune. Tajima Shuzo will continue to challenge themselves.


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