Izawa Honke, Making sake truly loved by enthusiastic drinkers

Izawa Honke,
Making sake truly loved by enthusiastic drinkers

One of the leading ”sake” brewing areas in Japan

What do you imagine when you think of a famous ”sake” producing area? The ”rice capital” Niigata ? Yamagata where the Shonai Plain is located? The fact is, Hyogo is the leading ”sake” producing area, with the highest annual volume of ”sake” by a large margin.
Izawa Honke is a ”sake” brewery situated in the middle of rice paddies in Inami, a representative rice producing zone in Hyogo. It is the town of paddy fields, having been famous as a rice producing area since the time of the poet Kaminomoto no Hitomaro (660AD – 740 AD).

Yamato Kozuchi, the multi-time gold prize winning ”sake”

Izawa Honke was founded in 1883. Their first priority is always quality in their over-100-year history. Under this philosophy, they even reverted to the old manual ”sake” making process, when they judged that the taste they wanted to achieve could not be achieved by a mechanized process. They never sell ”sake” by the tank to large-scale distributors. Their attitude reflects their strict quest for taste and their sincerity in ”sake” brewing.
Yamatokozuchi is an excellent ”sake” known only by a limited number of consumers. It is characterized by a rich aroma, a refreshing feel, and the light taste that does not leave an aftertaste. It is not surprising that the ”sake” has won 11 gold prizes at the Zenkoku Shinshu Kampyoukai (national new ”sake” tasting competition).
Yamato Kozuchi has been popular for years in spite of the small volume of production and the small scale of the brewery. The flavor is the certain reason. The ”sake” is strongly recommended to a pure ”sake” lover.


Izawa Honke
818 Inan, Inami-cho, Kago, Hyogo Prefecture
URL http://izawa-honke.com/