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A place for relaxation in the forest of Chichibu ”Oyado Taketori Monogatari”

A place for relaxation in the forest of Chichibu
”Oyado Taketori Monogatari”

Oku Chichibu, an hour and half from central Tokyo

”Oyado Taketori Monogatari” is situated in Oku Chichibu Arakawa, surrounded by the mountains in the west of Saitama Prefecture. It is about one and half hours by train from central Tokyo, and at the hotel you can enjoy the richness of nature around the hotel. . The guest rooms are carefully decorated in Japanese style, and the hotel has an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, with the beautiful view of greenery from the windows.

The cuisine uses local seasonal ingredients. The ingredients from the mountains and the ingredients from the rivers are carefully prepared to serve fresh tasty dishes. The handmade ”soba” made of locally produced buckwheat, homemade smoked cheese and other smoked foods are delicacies carefully prepared by the proprietor of the hotel himself. They also have a wide selection of local ”sake” and wine which enhance the tastes of the meal.

Enjoy the relaxing baths.

Natural ”onsen” ”Dairyu-ji Spring Water” is brought from Ogano, Chichibu-gun, which is said to be good for neuralgic pains, arthritis, and enhances beautiful skin. There is a cypress bathtub ”Kiten no Yu”, a rock bathtub ”Chikuei no Yu”, and outside, there is an open air barrel bathtub. One can enjoy different types of baths and enjoy a relaxing time surrounded by the woods.

The name of the hotel ”Taketori Monogatari” reflects the wish of the proprietress of the hotel that ”we want to become a hotel that guests want to come back to.” In Chichibu, which is a popular sightseeing spot with many tourist attractions, this hotel is a perfect place to listen to the sound of nature, savor the delicious food, and spend a relaxing time.


Oyado Taketori Monogatari
56 Arakawa Kamitano, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture