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Noble Rot Wine Recognized by the World ”Goichi Wine”

Noble Rot Wine Recognized by the World
”Goichi Wine”

Grapes picked one by one with tweezers

”Goichi Wine” is a winery which is quietly drawing the attention of wine lovers all over the world. What spread their name is wine called ”Kifugo” which won the Gold Prize at a world-renowned wine contest, Slovenia Ljubljana International Wine Competition,

As the name says, ”Kifu (noble rot) go” is a noble rot wine. Noble rot wine is made from grapes infected by the Botrytis cinerea fungus, which is called noble rot. Botrytis cinerea fungus is a disease-causing bacteria to other crops, but grapes are an exception. When grapes are infected with this fungus, it melts the skin of the fruit and the moisture is evaporated, making the fruit raisin-like. By becoming so, the sugar content of the grapes increases to 40% or more. From those grapes, sweet and mellow wine is made. However, because the noble rot is something that occurs naturally, heavily influenced by environment and weather, it is very difficult to manage. That makes the harvest amount very small.

At ”Goichi Wine”, only the good fruit is selected from these rare noble rot grapes, and are carefully picked one by one, using tweezers. One can tell how precisely grapes are grown and distilled with much effort to produce ”Kifu Go”. We highly recommend enjoying this world-class Japanese noble rot wine.


Hayashi Noen Farm Inc.,
1298-170 Soga, Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture