Making ”Japanese wine” ”Katsunuma Winery”

Making ”Japanese wine”
”Katsunuma Winery”

1000 years since Japanese started eating grapes. 130 years since wine making started in Japan!

”Katsunuma Winery” is one of the most famous wineries in Yamanashi, the biggest production area of wine in Japan. In the beginning, they used to import grapes and wine from abroad in order to have high quality wine in their product line-up. However, now they produce mainly ”Koshu Wine” made of Koshu grapes.

”Why so particular about Koshu?”
To Nakata’s question, Yuji Ariga, the owner, answered after some contemplation.

It may seem surprising, but Japanese started eating grapes 1000 years ago. ”So, it is a food with a long tradition. Japanese wine, too, has 130 years of history. I want to hand it down to the next generation.”

It is best to use what is grown locally – Commitment to locally produced ingredients.

Ariga takes viticulture seriously, and he is perpetually involved in research. ”Koshu wine goes very well with Japanese cuisine, and I hope to present it globally. Koshu wine is considered to be competitive in international contests. But it’s not perfect. I believe Koshu wine can be better,” said Ariga with quiet resolution.

It is said that human body favors most, the food made in the land and suited to the climate. To the Japanese people, the wine made from grapes suited to the Japanese climate may taste most delicious.


Katsunuma Winery Co. Ltd.
371 Shimoiwasaki, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture