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Cuisine cooked with Nagano-grown meat and vegetables  RESTRO RIN plus huit

Cuisine cooked with Nagano-grown meat and vegetables
RESTRO RIN plus huit

RESTRO RIN plus huit
3-2-27 Ote Matsumoto Castle Otemon Parking North Tower 1F, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture


Local-grown material selected by the chef

”RESTRO RIN plus huit” is a French restaurant in Matsumoto City. Chef Masakazu Kobayashi is particular about visiting farms himself to select fresh ingredients.
For our first dish, we had Azumino-raised grazed pork, which was grown in an ideal environment for pigs. Sauce made from sherry vinegar enhanced its flavor. Nagano-grown ”Shiratsuchi imo” as garnish also had excellent taste, sweet and fluffy.

Evening with fine wine and premium beef

The second dish, Shinshu premium beef filet. The beef contains high density of oleic acid which is said to influence the taste. The meat was so soft that a knife can cut it effortlessly, and the juicy taste filled our mouths. At this point, Nakata pulled out the wooden wine aerator he found at ”Kiso Artech Co.”. Wine poured through the aerator is mixed with air that comes through the small holes on the side, making wine more mellow and soft. Nakata tried it with red wine. ”It tastes a bit lighter. The air makes wine fluffy” he commented. Chef Kobayashi’s sharp palate must be able to taste the difference, so we asked him to try as well. He sipped a mouthful and nodded, ” It really does change the taste.”


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