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Ishiyama Rikyu, Gosoku-no-kutsu

Ishiyama Rikyu, Gosoku-no-kutsu

Ishiyama Rikyu, Gosoku-no-kutsu
2237 Shimoda Kita, Amakusa-machi, Amakusa, Kumamoto

Open-air bath with different sources

”Ishiyama Rikyu, Gosoku-no-kutsu” is a villa type inn that is located near the scenic ”Kikaigaura” sit on National Route 389 that runs along the Amakusa west coast.
There are 15 guest rooms in three types of A, B, and C. All guest rooms are equipped with an open-air bath. Each guest room has an atmosphere that has the ambience of Amakusa. Some guest rooms have the view of the ocean. Villas A and B use Shimoda hot spring (flowing straight from the source) that boasts a history of over 700 years. For Villa C, you can choose in-house spring source that gushes from 450 meters below ground on the property, or a different spring source. It is easy to understand why so many guests make return visits to enjoy the different open-air baths while surrounded by nature, with a view of the East China Sea in the distance.

Viewing the East China Sea

Upon arriving, we were surprised to be greeted at the entrance even though we hadn’t given advance notice of our arrival. We were told that they are always on hand to greet all guests with reservations, until every last guest has checked in. True to their word – [”Amakusa in Asia,” not in Japan or Kyushu – a dulcet and exotic Asian type resort] – there are touches of the exotic aspect of Amakusa all around the property, with a nostalgic ambience that is quite relaxing.
Meals are served in a special private room with a view of the East China Sea. The blessings from the land and sea of Amakusa are used, bringing out the five flavors of Japanese cuisine, and ”tanmi” (light flavor) which was emphasized by Rosanjin Kitaoji, that extracts the original flavor of the ingredients. They are all quite satisfying. The inn’s specialty is a lunch box. Reservations need to be made by 8:00 pm the previous day. You can enjoy delicious cuisine, including seafood, delicacies of the land, ”jakomeshi” (rice cooked with dried young sardines), and others, making it a joy to open the lid.


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