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Delivering Living Sake “Ouroku Sake Brewery”

Delivering Living Sake
“Ouroku Sake Brewery”

Ouroku Sake Brewery
484 Iya, Higashiizumocho, Shimane

Until it reaches the customer

Ouroku Sake Brewery is a sake brewery rooted in Higashiizumocho in Shimane which has been making ”sake” for about 130 years.
With production volume of only 108,000 liters and 5 staff including the ”toji”, all processes are done manually.

”Toji” 石原丈径 is a successor to the brewery. After studying control engineering, he moved back home and began making ”sake”. Currently, not only are they strict about preparation and processes involved in ”sake” production, Ouroku Sake Brewery is particular about freshness control up to the point when their ”sake” reaches the customer.
Toji who is adamant about “delivering living sake” is very particular about this.
They follow a bottling method to prevent oxidation to “allow sake to live” and an aging period to “allow sake to grow”.
Furthermore, ”sake” from Ouroku Sake Brewery is only delivered to ”sake” dealers who have reliable control and selling methods.
Their concerns are based on past experience. 石原 tried selling outside of Shimane prefecture when he first started producing ”sake”, but the results were not favorable.
As a ”toji”, he knows that consumers will not come back for his ”sake” unless they are satisfied with the first sip. That is the reason so much aspiration and passion is devoted to delivering “living sake”.


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