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Overlooking the night view of Osaka ”Minoo Sansou, Kaze-no-Mori”

Overlooking the night view of Osaka
”Minoo Sansou, Kaze-no-Mori”

Accommodation right next to a National Park

Driving for 30 minutes from Osaka city, you will arrive at ”Minoo Sansou, Kaze-no-Mori” which is located adjacent to the ”National Park of Meiji-no-Mori Minoo” in the northern part of Minoo City. In this National Park, there are about 1100 kinds of plants and 3000 kinds of insects, making it a tourist spot for hiking and nature observation. The inn is also close to ”Minoo Otaki Fall” which is designated as one of the ”Top One Hundred Waterfalls in Japan” and is famous for red Japanese maple leaves during the autumn season.
”Minoo Sansou, Yama-no-Mori” has 20 guest rooms (14 in the main building and 6 in the annex) in total, and from all of these rooms you will be able to see the view of Osaka city.
In the special rooms in the annex, there are open-air baths with tubs made of Japanese umbrella pine trees. Guests will certainly have relaxing moments here.

Restaurants serving seasonal cuisines

”Tsuki-no-Yu” and ”Hoshi-no-Yu” are the big baths which are calcium carbonated hot springs. ”Komorebi-no-Yu” uses minerals with far-infrared effects. (This bath is only available to overnight guests.) The private open-air bath can be used upon reservation for 2000 yen per 45 minutes. Perhaps you may want to check the availability when you book a room.
Guests can enjoy their meals in the banquet room or in the restaurant, ”Yamagiwa”. Besides the recommended ”kaiseki” meal (a traditional Japanese course meal), you can also enjoy beef ”shabu shabu” or hot pot meal such as ”botan nabe (wild boar stew)” or ”tecchiri nabe (blow fish stew)”. ”Sankirai” restaurant can be enjoyed by both overnight and non-overnight guests. Their lunch selection is highly recommended, but you may also want to try their full course French dinner for which a reservation is required.
There are different seasonal accommodation packages to meet your needs whether you are staying for the night, or just a daytime visit to bathe. In any case, this is the perfect place for those who want to celebrate anniversaries of any kind with someone special, while enjoying the nightscape of Osaka city.


Minoo Sansou, Kaze-no-Mori