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”Saijo Goshi” Where tradition meets the contemporary

”Saijo Goshi”
Where tradition meets the contemporary

”Amano sake” was loved by great historical figures

”Saijo Goshi” is a Japanese ”sake” manufacturer, making ”sake” for about 300 years since its foundation in 1718. They are famous for bringing the classic ”Amano Sake” back to life in 1971. ”Amano Sake” is a name of ”sake” made by temple monks.

Around year 900 during the Heian period, production of ”sake” was mostly done by large temples. Temples at the time were the center of academic studies, and so the latest techniques of making ”sake” was conceived by temples. Naturally, high-quality ”sake” was produced in temples.

Out of many quality ”sake,” ”Amano Sake” enjoyed high praise during the Muromachi period (between the year 1336 to 1573). The name of this ”sake” appears in the diary of the father of Emperor Go-Hanazono. It is also said that Hideyoshi Toyotomi loved the taste of it.
It was ”Saijo Goshi” who revived this ”sake”, making it into a premium label that many people recognize today.

Producing new ”sake” through technology and research

”Saijo Goshi” is trying out an interesting attempt. They are collaborating with the Osaka Prefecture University, Graduate School of Life and Environment Science to develop ”sake” that is good for health. One of the products of their studies and research is a ”sake” called ”Naniwa-no-Hagukumi.” It is made from a type of rice called ”Asa Murasaki” which contain lots of anthocyanin. By using this rice, the color of the ”sake” is pink which is pleasing to the eye and palate.

While bringing the old, traditional techniques back to life, they are also introducing modern ”sake” made through the latest technology at ”Saijo Goshi”.


Saijo Goshi Kaisha
12-18 Naganocho, Kawachi Nagano, Osaka