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”Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort” Healing spot with condensed blessing of the sea

”Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort”
Healing spot with condensed blessing of the sea

Experience Thalassotherapy

The pure white beach spreads in front of the emerald green ocean of Ise Shima. The hotel ”Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort” lies on that beautiful beach. That outstanding ”White Beach” is also noted on their address. ”Spa – Thalassotherapy”. Nowadays the word ”Thalasso Therapy” has been established as a beauty term among women, is not simply a relaxation massage but a beauty treatment that can heal the whole body using the ocean based on the idea of marine therapy.
”Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort” was born as a facility where you can experience ”Thalasso Therapy” for the first time in Japan. Using plenty of sea water on the rias-type coast around Ise Shima, you can experience aqua exercises in the hot salt water pool, jet baths and body treatments that unravel the whole body. There are several kinds of plans such as ”Thalasso & Lunch” for a day trip ”

Receiving energy from the sea to the whole body

Guest rooms are 112 in total. It is designed so you can watch the view of the ocean and spend a relaxing time. The rooms are spacious and open with white design. They also think of small details for amenities using ocean products. They also have plenty of activities such as ”Midsummer Family Sea Kayak”, ”Adventure tour to the uninhabited island guided by Ocean Man” which you can reserve in advance.
You will be healed with Thalassotherapy or play in the ocean. ”Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort” is a hotel that you can receive energy from the emerald ocean to the whole body.


Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort
1826-1 Shirahama, Uramura-cho, Toba, Mie Prefecture