Discover the world of Salvador Dali ”Morohashi Museum of Modern Art”

Discover the world of Salvador Dali
”Morohashi Museum of Modern Art”

Within the nature of Urabandai

Kitashiobara Village, Fukushima Prefecture. The area is called Urabandai and is located on the north side of Mount Bandai. There are swamps with various colors nearby, a tourist spot called Goshiki-numa, which is visited by many tourists seeking the beauty of nature. Morohashi Museum of Modern Art is surrounded by such scenic nature. It is a white European-style building surrounded by vast sky and rich green. The appearance of the building itself is beautiful.
Opened in 1999, it is a museum built with donations from Teizo Morohashi, the founder of sporting goods chain ”Xebio”, headquartered in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture. The museum exhibits artwork collected by Morohashi for more than 20 years.

The unparalleled Dali collection.

The collection has more than 400 pieces of modern Western paintings. There are pieces by forty-one 20th century masters ranging from Impressionists such as Cezanne, Renoir and Van Gogh; and surrealism artists such as Picasso.
Especially notable are the pieces by Salvador Dali, the Spain born artist who represents surrealim. The museum’s collection includes approximately 340 pieces of Dali’s work including paintings, sculpture and prints. The collection is unparalleled.
Dali’s pieces are like a mingling of dreams and reality. Even after stepping out of the museum, the surrounding nature creates a continuation of that sensation. It is a museum which makes you feel somewhat strange.


Public Interest Incorporated Foundation ”Morohashi Museum of Modern Art”
1093−23 Kengamine, Oaza-Hibara, Kitashiobara-mura, Yama-, Fukushima