”MIHO MUSEUM” Museum Floating in the Mountains

Museum Floating in the Mountains

Architecture in Harmony with Nature

”MIHO MUSEUM” is located deep in the mountains, about 40 minutes by car from Ishiyama station. The property is vast, situated deep in the mountains, but there is only one building there, amidst the mountains. This is because 80% of the structure was built underground. The designer is Ieoh Ming Pei, also the designer for the Washington National Gallery East Annex. His concept was assimilation with nature, not disrupting nature as much as possible. One step inside the facility, you will see the natural light from the ceiling light up the displays. From the window is a superb view of the greenery and mountains far in the distance. It is as though this experience itself is an act of art.

Complete Line of Artifacts from the Silk Road

The museum owns approximately 2000 items mainly related to the Silk Road ranging from items from Egypt to China. As a private museum, this one of the largest collections in Japan. Owning a large amount of invaluable art from a variety of regions from a wide range of time, the museum receives offers from foreign exhibitors inquiring about borrowing these artifacts. Your artistic experience starts from when you first lay eyes on the museum. Enjoy the works of art which in harmony with nature, completely surrounded by the mountains of Shiga. This is a museum where you can enjoy this stylish experience.


300 Momodani Shitarakicho Kouka-shi Shiga
URL http://www.miho.or.jp/en/