”Heian Jingu” Restoring it as was when Capital was Transferred to Heian

”Heian Jingu”
Restoring it as was when Capital was Transferred to Heian

Restored Architecture

In 1895, to commemorate the 1100th year of the Heian capital transfer, ”the 4th National Industrial Exposition” was held and a part of the palace was restored as it was during those times. Heian Jingu is that restored architecture which was then converted to a shrine. Enshrined here is Emperor Kanmu, who had proclaimed the transfer of the capital. In 1940, the 121st emperor, Emperor Komei was added. The magnificent ”torii” gate soars 24 meters high. As you progress forward to the main building, as restored during the times of the actual transfer of the capital, you will soon see the Otenmon, which is an impressive vermillion building.

Garden to Enjoy the Seasons

The grounds of Heian Jingu is an approximate 66,000 square meters, with the garden, ”Heian Jingu Shin-en” occupying half. Landscape architect Ogawa Jihei, took more than 20 years to complete the garden, and the most popular of the garden is the ”Taiheikaku” standing over the ”Seiho pond”. The architecture with cypress bark roof was transferred from the Kyoto Palace and has been set so it looks as though it is floating in the pond, looking much like an illusion. Heian Jingu is packed with tourists during the cherry blossom season, but it shows refined elegance in any season.


Heian Jingu
Okazakinishitennocho, Sakyoku, Kyoto
URL http://www.heianjingu.or.jp/