”Musashi Mitake Shrine” Nature of Tokyo

”Musashi Mitake Shrine”
Nature of Tokyo

Shugendo Attracted Faith

Musashi Mitake Shrine is a shrine located on the summit of the Mitake Mountains. It is said that it started thousands of years ago. During the Kamakura period when mountain worship thrived, many shugendo visited the shrine for training and the mountain was faithfully revered by the Shogunate and samurai. In 1700 by orders of the 5th Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, the hall of offerings was built, as it exists in its present form.
Numerous treasurable items which are stored in the shrine sanctuary are designated as National Treasure and designated as Important Cultural Treasure, exhibiting how much faith the shrine has attracted during its history.
Annual events and religious services are also very famous. In January, ”the Futomanimatsuri” takes place, where the shoulder blades of a male ox is burnt, the cracks predicting the year’s harvest. In May, the ”Rising Sun Festival” and the ”Ogunasha” are held. These events are supported by the locals as part of their lives. ”Daidai Kagura” is designated as Tokyo Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

Overlooking the Kanto Plains

“The altitude of Mitakesan is 929 m. You can climb Mitake mountain by cable car. There are only 2 stations, Takimoto station and the Mitake mountain station. From the Mitake mountain station, the shrine is about 25 minutes on foot, even at a slow pace. On the either side of the road are inns and souvenir shops, and after climbing 330 steps, you arrive at the shrine. The shrine overlooks the Kanto plains, and it is also a location where you can feel the nature of Tokyo.
At Mitake shrine, there is a god called ”Oguchimagami”, which is a wolf god, believed to ward off evil, and many people visit the shrine with their pets.
Mitake shrine, located close to the center of Tokyo, surrounded by nature. It is a place where you can experience beautiful scenery and annual events that have been handed down from the ancient past. “


Musashi Mitake Shrine
176 Mitakesan Ome Tokyo
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