Wearing the Japanese chic ”Suruga Nurigeta Studio, Seisaburo Sano”

Wearing the Japanese chic
”Suruga Nurigeta Studio, Seisaburo Sano”

Shiny, gold lacquered geta ”Suruga nurigeta”

A ”geta” makes a very refreshing sound. There are various kinds of ”geta” made of raw wood and those painted with lacquer, but the ”geta” from Shizuoka are glittery with gold lacquer painted on a lacquer base.
This type of ”geta” is called ”Suruga nurigeta”, and it is said that it got its start when a ”geta” craftsman named Hisajiro Honma painted over the common geta in the early Meiji era. Lacquer ware production was already popular in Shizuoka, so that technique was used, and it became well known nationwide. The reputation has grown and has become so popular that Shizuoka has become synonymous with Suruga nurigeta.
Seijiro Sano whom we met with, is a Suruga Nurigeta craftsmen. After he graduated from high school, he became an apprentice as a painter at his uncle’s workshop, and after that he became a nurigeta craftsman which was his family business. Recognized for their finely tuned skills, especially the Koga carving which involves carving and painting, and the gold inlay carving, their work has received high praise, earning them many awards.

It is chic to show a little heel

According to Sano, ”During the 20s and 30s of the Showa era, nearly one third of the people in Shizuoka City had jobs related to ”geta”.” However, in present days, there are only 5 ”geta” craftsmen. Sano would would like to somehow pass on the technology, so he is also active as the chairman of Shizuoka Nurigeata Industrial Association.

Sano asked Nakata’s shoe size.
”How about these?” He handed Nakata a pair of ”geta”. When Nakata tried it on, his heel stuck out a bit.
”Is this right?” Nakata asked, and Sano answered. ”Yes. Once the straps adjust, your feet will fit further back in the ”geta”.”
Besides, it is chic to wear them with your heel sticking out just a little.” Sano told us.
Certainly when he stands, Nakata’s back straightens.
Japanese chic. There are still many things we don’t yet know.


Suruga Nurigeta Studio, Seisaburo Sano
9-22 Seikancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka