Lodging serving Noto Italian and fermented foods – Flatt

Lodging serving Noto Italian and fermented foods - Flatt

Flatt stands on a hill that overlooks the Sea of Japan and the Tateyama mountain range. It is a small lodging with only 4 rooms run by Australian Benjamin Flatt and his wife Chikako. It is known for the “Noto Italian” made by Flatt who uses fresh local ingredients and homemade fermented foods.

Ben began helping his family’s restaurant when he was only 13 years old, and has worked as the top chef at an Italian restaurant in Sydney. Moving to Japan after marrying, he began learning to prepare local Noto dishes at his wife’s family run lodging, “Sannami”.

Flatt also makes his own condiments and preserved foods such as “ishiri”, a traditional fish sauce that is made from squid organs fermented in salt for 3 years. Guests can enjoy dishes using “ishiri” and other seasonal ingredients in the dining room which overlooks the Sea of Japan. The unique fusion of Italian cuisine and the local Noto food culture is unique to Flatt, and the menu is based on the local catch, in adherence with the Italian philosophy of “local production, local consumption”.

For breakfast, traditional “konka iwashi” and “konka saba” are served, which are preserved mackerel and sardines pickled in malt, salt and red peppers. While those sold in stores are fermented for only 6 months to a year, Flatt allows them to ferment for 2 to 3 years. “They’re usually broiled, but they are also delicious as sashimi, in hot pots or as seasoning in salad dressing like anchovies.” (Ben Flatt)

The traditional Noto delicacies served at Flatt are quite extensive. For instance, “benkoko” which is made from dried daikon preserved in “ishiri” is served broiled. It is best when it begins to turn brown and the scent of “ishiri” is fragrant. “yunanba” is a condiment using organically grown yuzu citrus, natural salt, and hot peppers fermented for 4 years (1000JPY). It is a popular gift along with the homemade “ishiri” (900JPY).

There are 3 rooms in the main building (10 tatami mats) and 1 room in the annex which has its own bath made from hinoki (8 + 6 tatami mats). Guests staying in the main building can also use the newly added hinoki bath in the separate building. Rates are 20,350JPY for 1 overnight and 2 meals (22,550JPY on Saturdays and before holidays). Every room has a view of the Noto Peninsula and gardens, and left a lasting impression on Nakata. Definitely recommend a visit to enjoy the seasonal Noto Italian delicacies.


27-26-3 Yanami, Noto-cho, Housu-gun, Ishikawa
TEL 0768-62-1900
URL https://flatt.jp