Charming hand drawings in kimono ”Yuzen-zome, Hidetaka Nakazawa”

Charming hand drawings in kimono ”Yuzen-zome, Hidetaka Nakazawa”

Expressing the dew on bamboo leaves

”This is very different from the standard image of kimono, isn’t it?”

Hidetaka Nakazawa, yuzen dyeing artist, who won the MOA Museum of Art Award at an exhibition called ”the 21st century of traditional crafts – the world’s eye -”, showed us the kimono he has at home.
”You’re right. The design doesn’t look outdated.” As Nakata’s comment indicates, Nakazawa’s design has a classic look, but also looks sophisticated.

Yuzen from various places and yuzen that looks chic.

There are many styles of yuzen around the nation, such as Kyo-yuzen and Kaga-yuzen.
”Kyo and Kaga. Do they each have specific characteristics?”
”There isn’t as much differentiation recently, but Kyoto is flamboyant, while Kaga is realistic. That’s the difference. Various cultures came into Tokyo, so both are mixed well.” The Edo ”komon” does not use many colors but expresses ”iki”.”
Nakazawa’s kimono has the understated sex appeal of Edo ”iki”.

At the end, we toured the workshop, and Nakata was allowed to experience coloring.
”Because we use a brush to draw, it becomes uneven. That is the difficult part.”
When Nakata made this comment, Nakazawa replied,
”That is true. But that’s the difference from stencil dyeing, and that might actually be a good thing.” and laughed.


Hidetaka Nakazawa
Matsudo, Chiba