Manabe Garden – Beautiful garden with trees from around the world

Beautiful garden with trees from around the world
- Manabe Garden

A ”design garden” with 2000 varieties of trees

Manabe Garden is designed using several thousand varieties of plants from around the world. They import and sell the trees. The sapling farm at Manabe Garden has been in operation for over 60 years, and serves as a showroom to see how the plants actually grow. The garden is over 24,000 ”tsubo” (79,338 ㎡) and has a Japanese Garden, European Garden, and Landscape Garden, and is beautifully laid out by theme. There is also a cafeteria where wild birds and Ezo squirrels can be enjoyed, and a garden center where you can buy rare species of plants. They have many varieties including coniferous trees, hardwood trees, flowering trees, etc, and many new breeds.

Moor Springs and Japanese Garden

When you walk through the gate surrounded by trees, the first thing you come to is a Japanese garden. In the center there is a pond surrounded by trees. ”While following the rule of a Japanese garden, Acacia and fir trees which are typical of Hokkaido are also included.” This adds an European touch to the Japanese garden. Water from the Moor Spring is drawn for the pond. ”Moor Spring is rich in mineral and contains plant based organic matter so you can breed Koi fish,” they explain with Nakaka nodding in acknowledgement. Even in the winter, the water temperature is 16C and the pond does not freeze over.

An added attraction – the unusual and newly bred species

A scent similar to lemons fills the air but it comes from the white-cedar. We were told ”this tree is used as an ingredient for perfume.” The flowers have been bred to bloom during all 4 seasons, and some even bloom in November. During our walk, we saw Ezo squirrels. Other wild animals such as Siberian flying squirrel, fox and rabbits also frequent the Garden. We walked around the Garden while listening to the explanations, and Nakata shared his impression that, ”While there are many gardens with flowers, it is rare to see this many varieties of trees in one place. I would never become bored here.”


Manabe Garden
2-6 Tamachi Higashi, Obihiro, Hokkaido