Terasaka Farm – Delivering select vegetables all over Japan

Terasaka Farm
- Delivering select vegetables all over Japan


Sweet corn that be eaten raw

Terasaka Farm runs a large scale farm in the center of Furano basin. They deliver delicious vegetables packed with “umami” to households all over Japan. In the vast corn field, the rare varieties Sunny Chocolate and White Chocolate were being harvested. The owner explained, “We have to finish harvesting in 3 days. The sugar content will decrease after that.” Nakata tries Sunny Chocolate which can be eaten raw, right in the field. He commented in surprise, “This is like a fruit. There’s no bitterness from being underripe.” Even bears and deer also come to eat the corn, lured by the sweet scent.

Good reaction from the market using direct sales

Terasaka Farm corn is harvested during September through October. These varieties are difficult to cultivate and only produce a small amount. “Some years, the entire crop can be damaged due to cold weather. But once you taste this delicious corn, we have to continue making it.” says the owner. At the adjacent store, we tried White Chocolate. “Delicate taste, great for making corn soup. Perhaps you can process it when the taste is at its peak.” a new idea pops out. Rather than selling their products through the local farmer’s cooperative, they sell directly by mail order, to locations all throughout Japan, and even sold over 30 thousand melons. “Direct selling is interesting since you get direct feedback from the consumer. Some do well with this method while others do not, but I’m glad I gave it a try.” says the owner.


Terasaka Farm (sweet corn, White Chocolate, Sunny Chocolate)
"Field: Higashiyama, Furano, Hokkaido Terasaka
Farm: Higashi 5-Sen, Kita 4-Go, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido"
URL http://furano-melon.jp/products/corn/