Main Island – Blessing of sugar cane ”Okinawa brown sugar”

Main Island - Blessing of sugar cane
”Okinawa brown sugar”

Taste nurtured by the climate of Okinawa

”Brown sugar” has been an important industry for Okinawa since old ages. Compared to white sugar which goes through a refining and bleaching process during manufacturing, brown sugar contains much minerals and vitamins. It is an alkaline food and regarded as health food. And it is known as the secret to the long life of Okinawa people.

We were actually able to experience the process of squeezing sugar juice from a sugar cane.
When the sugar cane is put into the machine, it is squeezed and divided into sugar juice and strained lees. Scum is removed from sugar juice, and will be concentrated. In the process of solidifying sugar juice in the container, sugar juice which has been boiled down for a long time, is cooled and hardened with a lot of care.
Anybody can experience the solidifying procedure, so why not give it a try?


Main island: Okinawa brown sugar
Okinawa Prefecture